Apple Discontinues The Apple Watch Leather Loop

Sad news for Apple Watch fans - the beloved Leather Loop band has been officially discontinued by the tech giant. The band, known for its comfortable fit and premium leather material, was a popular choice among Apple Watch users. Though it may be gone, it will always be remembered as a stylish and functional accessory for the iconic smartwatch.

Apple Discontinues The Apple Watch Leather Loop -

The Apple Watch Leather Loop which was unveiled to the world in 2015, was permanently done away with on September 14. Apple’s focus seems to have shifted to their newest collection, the Apple Watch Series 7. The fan-favorite Leather Loop is no longer a part of the family. If one does want one of the Apple Watch Leather Band, they can either buy the modern buckle or the leather link.

Is The Leather Link A Good Replacement For The Loop?

For the most part, the leather link is similar to the leather loop in design and function. However, a major difference between both the watches is actually evident from the name. The band of the Leather loop has to be looped. The link, instead, relies on a magnetic link to hold itself tightly against your wrist.

The Leather Link is for those who like convenience over everything else. Someone who likes the automatic attachment system of the watch. It helps that a person does not have to pull the watch over the wrist.

The Leather Loop is for someone who slightly prefers the old-school way of watches. They like Apple products but do not necessarily need everything to be modern technology. A watch that looks good and feels good? That’s enough—no need for magnetic attachment. Instead, someone who would rather loop the watch with their own hands knows it would stay secure.

Additionally, it seems the Leather Link has a shinier finish while the Loop is more matt style. The colors of the leather link are also more prominent. It is a matter of personal preference and how one likes to wear a watch.

Magnetic Leather Link Strap for Apple Watch -

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Why The Leather Loop Was So Famous

When the leather loop first came out on April 24 of 2015, all sorts of favorable reviews came pouring in.

The encasing begins with a large size, at 42 mm. The next option is 44 mm. Since the day it debuted, Apple did not deem it fit to make any changes to its design. However, depending on a new series of product launches, they would change the color options. So the change in its design came in the form of an entirely new line of Apple Watch Bands, the Leather Link.

According to the reviews, the leather loop is not meant to be a waterproof watch or something to take to the gym. Though, you can do both activities with it. It is not for anyone that loves the classic buckle design either.

No, the leather loop is for people who have no interest in traditional designs. It is for those who like the graze of leather against the wrist but want the buckle to be different from anything else they own. It is a watch for any occasion and comes with multiple adjustable points. Something that would fit right in for a drink at night with friends as it will in a meeting. The Leather Loop is also known for its longevity.

Final Thoughts

Now that the Loop Apple Watch Leather Band has been discontinued, it makes people wonder what loyal Apple customers would opt for. All data and buzz in the forums indicate people have begun considering the Leather Link as soon as they heard the Loop was discontinued. The opinion on which one is better seems to be divided. The general conclusion is that it really comes down to preference.

Well, you can not buy the leather loop anymore anyway. If a leather watch is something you still like and your love for Apple continues to stay strong, the Leather Link is pretty much the only viable option.

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