The History of the NATO Strap

NATO strap is a watchband that is made of nylon. This nylon strap is strong and durable, so the NATO is the ideal wristband for daily wear. It can be worn with any style of clothing. The color varieties that are available for this band make it perfect for any casual wear. 
The History of the NATO Strap -

There’s nothing like the feeling of having a good wristwatch on your hand. If you’re a watch enthusiast or just beginning to accumulate a collection,  you’re probably always on the lookout for your next watch. Now the history of watches trails back many years ago. The story was that Elizabeth I of England received a wristwatch or an ‘armed watch’ from her subjects. This ‘armed watch’ as it was known then became a popular item for women where the men used pocket watches. This was done because wristwatches were quite easily damaged, and having a pocket watch allowed men to keep their watches safely in their pockets.


Over the years, these wrist watches have become amazing tools that are indispensable in their value. These watches let the user keep a close eye on the clock while also adding a bit of style to any outfit. Watches come in a huge variety of types. Although all watches can be amazing for different uses a good all-purpose watch is always crucial in any watch collection. That’s where the NATO strap comes into great use.


What Exactly is the NATO Strap?


A NATO strap is a watchband that is made of nylon. This nylon strap is strong and durable, so the NATO is the ideal wristband for daily wear. It can be worn with any style of clothing. The color varieties that are available for this band make it perfect for any casual wear. A typical NATO watchband consists of a single strip of nylon fabric folded into the metal loops present. There is an extra strip on this band that ensures that it stays secured properly, making it ideal for any outdoor activity. But how did this hardy watch strap originate?


The Origin of the NATO Strap:


Although the name of the NATO refers to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization the true name of the band was the G10. It is still called by this name in some places. The origin of this wristband actually dates back to the British Ministry of Defense Standard. In 1973 a grey nylon strap that bears great similarities to the current version of the NATO strap was given out to soldiers. The very first NATO band was a simple grey, discreet and its primary purpose was to provide a durable alternative to the usual leather straps that were worn. Additionally, the weather was known to be quite harsh and rainy so the British units needed to use a strap that could withstand these conditions.


In order to get one of these straps, soldiers had to fill out a form that was known as the G1098. Eventually, the soldiers started referring to it by this name which is why the watchband came to be known as the G10. After a while, the names got muddled and the NATO strap got its name. The strap soon found its way all over the world and it has blown up to proportions that the original manufacturers could never have envisioned.



Why is the NATO Strap so Popular?


This strap has been around for quite a while and it is a mainstay in most watch collections. In fact, some brands will even send their watch along with a leather band and a NATO watchband just to give their customers a bit of variety. But the true pull of this band is in its durability. The nylon material of this strap makes it perfect for any outdoor activity.


Remember that the main reason for the creation of the NATO strap was to give soldiers a reliable watchband that they wouldn't need to worry about. This durability allows the wristband to be a simple but stylish addition to anyone's watch collection. Although the original color of this band was a dull gray color that did not offer much in terms of style, most of the NATO watch bands that we see today have exciting variants. This means that people aren't just using them for their impressive durability which explains why these bands have become so immensely popular.


Is the NATO Strap Meant for You?


One of the best things about the NATO strap is that it’s a useful addition to any wristband collection. If you’re going to be stuck outside the whole day and you don’t want to scuff up one of your fancy leather straps then this watchband is perfect. Its durability is the biggest plus point. Nylon is an incredibly tough material which makes this wristband excellent for outdoor sports or even any casual day out. That's why it's a good idea to keep at least one NATO strap in your collection. Having more than one will help you to change up your style without any trouble.


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