Top Brands for Bund Strap Watchbands: A Buyer's Guide for WatchBand.Direct Customers

Top Brands for Bund Strap Watchbands: A Buyer's Guide for WatchBand.Direct Customers -

A high-quality watchband is an essential accessory for any timepiece, and often, it doesn't receive the attention it deserves. Bund strap watchbands, in particular, are a unique and functional watchband type that stands out from the rest. As a WatchBand.Direct customer, you deserve the best information on this special accessory. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the importance of a premium bund strap watchband and introduce you to the top brands available on WatchBand.Direct.

What is a Bund Strap Watchband?

Definition and history

A bund strap is a distinctive type of watchband featuring an additional leather pad beneath the watch case. This pad protects the wearer's wrist from direct contact with the metal case back. The bund strap watchband has its origins in Germany during World War II. Pilots needed extra wrist protection in extreme temperatures and from potential burns caused by a heated watch case, so bund straps were the perfect solution.

Benefits and use cases

Bund straps are both stylish and highly functional. They provide added comfort and protection to the wearer's wrist, making them suitable for various activities, including sports, aviation, and daily wear. In addition, bund straps are fashionable and versatile, making them a valuable addition to any watch enthusiast's collection.

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How to Choose the Right Bund Strap Watchband from WatchBand.Direct


When selecting a bund strap watchband from WatchBand.Direct, the material plays a significant role in its durability and comfort. The most common materials used for bund straps are leather and synthetic materials. Leather is a popular choice due to its durability, comfort, and classic appearance. Synthetic materials may be more affordable, but they might not last as long as genuine leather. WatchBand.Direct offers a range of bund strap materials, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Size and fit

It's crucial to choose a bund strap that fits your watch and wrist correctly. Ensure the watchband's width matches your watch's lug width, and measure your wrist to determine the appropriate length for a comfortable fit. WatchBand.Direct provides various sizes and lengths, ensuring that you can find the perfect bund strap for your watch and wrist.

Style and color

Bund straps come in various styles and colors. Classic colors like black, brown, and tan are versatile and match many watch styles. However, don't be afraid to try bolder colors and designs that suit your personality and preferences. WatchBand.Direct offers a wide array of bund strap styles and colors, so you're sure to find the perfect match for your timepiece.


Top Brands for Bund Strap Watchbands at WatchBand.Direct



Hirsch is an Austrian brand with a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality watchbands. Their bund strap watchbands are made from premium materials, and they offer a range of designs to suit different tastes. WatchBand.Direct carries a selection of Hirsch bund straps, ensuring you receive the finest quality for your watch.

-Popular models

  1. Hirsch Duke: The Duke model features a smooth, semi-gloss leather with a clean and sophisticated design. It's available in various colors, including black, brown, and golden brown.
  2. Hirsch Heavy Calf: This model boasts a thick, rugged leather with a vintage appearance, perfect for those who appreciate a more robust look.

Crown & Buckle


Crown & Buckle is a renowned American brand, well-known for its commitment to craftsmanship and style. Their bund strap watchbands are meticulously crafted, ensuring a comfortable fit and a timeless look. WatchBand.Direct is proud to offer a variety of Crown & Buckle bund straps for customers seeking exceptional quality and design.

-Popular models

  1. Crown & Buckle Black Label: The Black Label line features top-tier bund straps made from premium leather and unique stitching patterns. Available in various colors and finishes, these straps elevate your timepiece to new heights of sophistication.
  2. Crown & Buckle Chevron: The Chevron model incorporates a modern, minimalist design that complements a wide range of watch styles. Made from high-quality leather, this strap is both fashionable and durable.



Fluco, a German brand, is known for creating high-quality watchbands with outstanding craftsmanship. They use top-grade materials, and their bund strap watchbands are a prime example of their commitment to excellence. WatchBand.Direct offers a selection of Fluco bund straps to cater to customers who appreciate attention to detail and long-lasting quality.

-Popular models

  1. Fluco Hunter: The Hunter model boasts a vintage design with a distressed leather finish, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer a rugged, well-worn appearance.
  2. Fluco Shell Cordovan: Made from luxurious shell cordovan leather, this model offers exceptional durability and a stunning sheen that sets it apart from other watchbands.



ColaReb, an Italian brand, is celebrated for its unique and artisanal watchbands. Their bund strap watchbands showcase their dedication to creativity and quality. WatchBand.Direct is delighted to feature a variety of ColaReb bund straps for customers who seek something extraordinary and distinct.

-Popular models

  1. ColaReb Roma: The Roma model features a beautiful suede finish and is available in various colors, including blue, gray, and brown. Its elegant design adds a touch of refinement to any watch.
  2. ColaReb Venezia: With its alligator-embossed leather and rich colors, the Venezia model exudes luxury and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for more formal occasions.
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B & R Bands


B & R Bands is a New York-based company that produces premium watchbands, merging contemporary style with classic elegance. Their bund strap watchbands are no exception, providing the perfect balance between function and fashion. WatchBand.Direct carries a range of B & R Bands bund straps, ensuring that every customer finds the ideal match for their timepiece.

-Popular models

  1. B & R Bands Rallye: The Rallye model features perforated leather, adding a sporty touch to your watch. Available in various colors, it's a great choice for those who appreciate a modern, athletic look.
  2. B & R Bands Horween: Crafted from premium Horween leather, this model offers a soft, supple feel and a timeless design that complements a wide array of watch styles.

Taking Care of Your Bund Strap Watchband from WatchBand.Direct

Cleaning and maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your bund strap watchband are essential to ensure its longevity. Regularly wipe down the strap with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat. For leather straps, consider using a leather cleaner and conditioner to preserve the material and prevent cracks.

Tips for prolonging the lifespan

To prolong the lifespan of your bund strap watchband, avoid exposing it to excessive moisture, heat, or direct sunlight. When not in use, store your watchband in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.



Bund strap watchbands are a stylish and functional addition to any timepiece. WatchBand.Direct offers an extensive selection of premium bund straps from top brands, ensuring you find the perfect match for your watch and style preferences. By considering factors like material, size, fit, and design, you can confidently choose a bund strap watchband that enhances the look and feel of your timepiece.



What makes bund strap watchbands unique compared to other watchbands?
Bund straps feature an additional leather pad beneath the watch case, providing extra protection and comfort for the wearer's wrist. This design is particularly suitable for sports, aviation, and daily wear.

Are bund straps suitable for all types of watches?
Bund straps are versatile and can complement various watch styles, from vintage to modern designs. Ensure the watchband's width matches your watch's lug width for a proper fit.

How do I clean and maintain my bund strap watchband?
Regularly clean your bund strap with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat. For leather straps, use a leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the material in good condition and prevent cracks.

Can I wear my bund strap watchband while swimming or showering?
It's best to avoid exposing your bund strap watchband to excessive moisture, as this can damage the material and reduce its lifespan. If your watchband does get wet, gently pat it dry with a soft cloth and allow it to air dry away from direct sunlight.

How often should I replace my bund strap watchband?
The lifespan of a bund strap watchband depends on factors like usage, care, and the quality of the materials. With proper care, a high-quality bund strap can last for several years. Replace your watchband when you notice signs of wear or damage, or if it no longer fits comfortably on your wrist.
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